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Green Wheels Automotive Services
is a full service automotive repair facility that not only protects the “green” of our planet, but also the “green” in your wallet.

Our mission is to provide the care and maintenance for your vehicle to maximize performance and vehicle life in an eco-friendly cost-effective manner.

Whether we’re replacing the brakes on your SUV or an eco-tune for your Prius, our certified staff of technicians is on the job to give your vehicle the care and attention it needs.

A properly maintained vehicle lasts longer, performs better, maintains higher resale value, maximizes fuel economy and lowers vehicle repair costs.

What Does Green Mean To Us?
It means servicing your vehicle at the highest level, while being mindful of our responsibility to be good stewards of our natural resources.

An experienced and skilled repair shop that can be trusted is essential to the good health of your vehicle. Talk is cheap, repairs are not. So how do we earn your trust? The Green Wheels Automotive Promise.

What Do We Do Different?

We are an Eco-Responsible Facility
We’re striving to become part of the zero waste community.

To dramatically reduce the amount of waste destined for landfill, we want to maximize the amount of valuable resources kept in productive use in society.

We recycle all of our (newspaper, cardboard, plastic, glass, etc.) and always look for vendors who use closed loop processes and recyclable packaging.

Here’s a short list of other materials that we take into consideration:

  • Lead wheel weights and all of our scrap metal get recycled.
  • We buy as much as we can in bulk. (Oil, windshield washer fluid, etc.) This helps to eliminate the need for plastic bottles and minimizes shipping and transportation emissions.
  • All of our used oil filters are drained and the oil is recycled.
  • Used air filters have the paper separated from the metal and plastic.  Each is then recycled separately to ensure maximum reuse of materials
  • We recycle used belts, hoses and rubber.
  • All of our used oil is re-refined back into new oil, which takes 85% less energy than refining new oil and it doesn’t involve drilling for new oil.
  • Our shop uses a WD-40 alternative based on soy products
  • We offer paperless billing and communication to save as much paper as possible. We can provide you a copy of your bill via email… less paper, better record-keeping.
  • All chemicals used on the premises are “no VOC “or “low VOC” (whenever available).


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