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Eco driving tips

Drive at a steady speed.
Decreased rapid acceleration and deceleration will make your gas go farther… Did you know it takes nearly 20% more fuel to accelerate from a full stop than from 5 mph! Try to time your driving to avoid red lights, we call it riding the “Green Wave”. Many traffic lights are synchronized so that motorists driving at a specific speed can pass through a series of green lights without stopping, which means you don’t have to stop and start as much. The light won’t be the only thing that’s green.

Avoid “jack rabbit” starts.
The U.S. EPA estimates that a few seconds of accelerating quickly can use as much gas as driving for several minutes at more steady speeds. The EPA estimates that avoiding “jack rabbit starts can save you more than $1 per gallon and reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 33%

Observe the speed limit. (I know… this one is hard for a lot of us.)
Every 5 mph over 60 mph is equal to paying an extra 20 cents per gallon of gas. By observing the speed limit you can improve your gas mileage from 7-23%

Ease up on the A.C.
Using too much air conditioning releases carbon dioxide into the air, and increases the demand on your engine, reducing your gas mileage by as much as 20%. Drive with the windows open instead. (The fresh air is free.)

Tighten your gas cap.
Did you know you could lose as much as 80 gallons of gas annually due to gas evaporation? According to the Car Care Council, damaged, loose or missing caps cause approx. 147 million gallons of gas to evaporate each year in the U.S.

Turn off your car when you’re not going anywhere.
Leaving the car running while waiting in a parking lot or driveway uses fuel, and you’re not even moving! (That’s what we call NMPG…No Miles per Gallon) Turn off your vehicle when you will be stopped for over 1 minute. Also, avoid too much warming up. On cold days it only takes about 30 seconds to adequately warm up your car… in fact the best way to warm up your vehicle is by actually driving it. Just take it easy at first and avoid those “jack rabbit” starts. They’re even worse on a cold engine.

Make sure tires are properly inflated
Tires that are under-inflated take more energy to move because they create more friction. That extra energy burns more gas! According to the U.S. EPA, gas mileage can improve by 3% if tires are properly inflated. And by keeping tires properly inflated you could save a tank of gas per year. Check your tire pressure regularly. (That means weekly.) Don’t have a tire pressure gauge? Stop in, we’ll be glad to check your tires. That’s what we call miles of smiles!

Don’t haul stuff around in your car.
That’s why we have closets and garages. More weight needs more energy… more energy means more fuel… and more fuel means fewer MPD (Miles per Dollar). Maximize mileage by removing ski racks, roof top carriers and unneeded cargo. According to estimates, every additional 250 lbs. cost you one mile per gallon of fuel.

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