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The Facts

Lots of people talk about being green, but we know it takes a commitment. Commitment becomes easier when you know there are some solid facts backing you up. So here you are. We’ve got some facts for you. They convinced us, we’re pretty sure they’ll convince you too. Please don’t keep these a secret. Tell your friends. Word of mouth is the most powerful conduit for change. If you have any questions or doubts just pick up the phone and call us we’d be glad to share our thoughts on the subject. The one thing we are sure about, it’s easier to be green when it costs you less green.

Green Auto Service Oil Change

12,000 to 15,000 miles between oil changes
Combining your oil with our High-Performance Dual Stage Oil Filter means longer oil change intervals. By continuously filtering a small portion of the engine oil through the patented microfilter system, the filtration system allows your vehicle to operate up to 15,000 miles without changing the engine oil.

10 times the scrubbing action
Using dialysis machine technology our oil filter cleans to 3 microns compared to 30 microns with conventional filters. The architecture of the microfilter is a porous design having a high pore volume with 2-5 micron pore openings. This enables the capture of a large amount of these small particles without clogging the filter, resulting in cleaner, longer lasting oil.

40% of world's largest fleets
Brown likes “green”…your favorite cola manufacturer and the famous overnight delivery company with the big brown trucks use this technology to keep their fleet rolling. Corporate fleets have thousands of vehicles using this oil filter technology in real world high intensity driving situations.

Up to 5% increase in fuel economy
Keeping foreign particles out of your oil reduces friction in the engine, improving engine operating efficiency and fuel efficiency. Your engine lasts longer and runs better. The fuel economy improvement can be as much as 5%.

$90 or more in savings, a 30% reduction in cost over the life of your oil change
Since you only change your oil and filter less frequently you can achieve direct oil and filter change cost savings of over 65% and reduce use of oil by 50% for an average vehicle. Use less oil, and improve fuel economy. That sounds like a good plan to reduce dependency on foreign oil. Why isn’t everyone doing this?

*G-Oil : The other half of our Green Oil Change
G-OIL replaces the petrochemical base of traditional oil products with an “ultimate biodegradable” bio-base. This base, called tallow, or animal fat, is sustainable and can be collected domestically with grown beef, pork, and chicken fat. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that the United States alone produces 9.6 billion pounds of beef, pork and chicken fat. Some of these fats are now being recycled to make a highly demanded product in place of foreign oil.

This product meets standards set by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for the API TC rating. Because the proprietary process used to make the biological base material in G-OIL imparts synthetic and petroleum “oil-like” properties, only limited quantities of commercially available additives are needed to make the material meet or exceed the API TC rating.

Save with a Green Auto Service Eco-Tune.

Pulse Plugs

One million reasons why these plugs are different

They may look like the spark plug you’re currently using however pulse plugs incorporate a pulse circuit. Instead of heating ignition parts during the ionization phase, pulse plugs store this energy in the integral circuit inside the plug. When the ignition power overcomes the resistance in the spark gap, the pulse circuit discharges all of its accumulated power - 1 million watts - in 2 billionths of a second.

Up to 10% better mileage
Pulse plugs burn fuel more efficiently than traditional plugs because of a larger, hotter spark released at twice the speed. Burn less fuel, reduce your CO2 emissions and save money!

4-12% more power, more torque
A pulse plug directly increases torque by increasing cylinder pressure and with increased cylinder pressure, the piston is pushed down with more force, which, in turn, generates more torque to the crankshaft, more liveliness to the throttle and more power to the wheels. Of course, if you don't use this torque to go faster, the engine does its work with less effort resulting in better fuel economy.

Lasts twice as long and saves energy
Pulse plugs last about 100,000 miles so they continue to pay you a dividend after the first year of ownership. Of course, your savings will vary depending on the age and condition of your car, weather, and your driving habits.

Nitrogen Tire Fill

Less leakage means you could use up to 10% less fuel

According to tire manufacturers tires can lose air at a rate 4-5% per month. Nitrogen inflation holds pressure longer than thin air. The fatter Nitrogen molecules have a diffusion rate that is 25% to 30% lower than air, significantly reducing tire pressure loss between inflation checks.

Under-inflated tires can cut fuel economy by as much as 2% per pound of pressure below the recommended level. Therefore a tire that is just five pounds below its setting will consume 10% more fuel. Plus, the wear rate of under inflated tires is increased. A tire that is 10% under-inflated (approximately 3 psi) will lose approximately 7% of its service life.

Nitrogen filled tires last longer and run stronger

Road tests involving nitrogen inflated truck tires running over 7 million miles showed tire failures were reduced by half and tread life increased by 25% to 30%. These mileage comparisons were followed by electron microscope analysis of tires inflated with air and then operated on the road until replaced because of failure or tread wear. The results were conclusive; oxygen kills tires over time. Similar tests on automobile tires yielded comparable increases in tire life.

NASCAR and NASA can’t be completely wrong.

MotorSilk Boron Based Engine Additive

Light years ahead

Research performed at the prestigious National Argonne Laboratory found that Hydrogen Orthobroate (Boric Acid) was the algorithm they were searching for as a superior solid boundary, anti-corrosive lubricant and EP agent. It was light years ahead of any previous development.

Reduce friction up to 80%
Motorsilk uses boron. It fills in the small imperfections on all metal moving engine parts making everything slipperier. Its Crystal Lattice Structure is one of the lowest friction lubricants known, and the near frictionless boundary layer it produces is a result of its macromolecular bound, layered crystal structure.

Reduce Engine wear
Up to now little protection against engine wear has been offered. The Boric Acid technology solves this problem with a permanent Boric Oxide surface offering the most advanced protection against wear and energy consumption. Plus, boron is biodegradable and environmentally friendly in all forms.

Save thousands
Motorsilk increases engine efficiency 6-8% (more HP), reduces emissions and can increases fuel economy up to 15% . It lasts 100,000 miles and can save you over $1700 over the life of the treatment.

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