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Green Auto Services won't save the world. (At least not by ourselves.)

We are not the be-all, end-all solution to a happier, healthier planet. But we believe that the solution is everyone doing a little better every day and taking a step in the right direction. Because green driving means helping thousands… and someday millions… of cars become cleaner and greener. And we want to start with yours. But it's more than that. It's an attitude. Quite simply, it's doing our part by being considerate, responsible, conscientious members of planet Earth. We know that this isn't a complete solution. But we will not join the ranks of people that don't try because it might not be enough. Every act makes a difference, and every mile counts.

Have you hugged your car lately?

We will. The first thing we like to do is an Energy Intervention. We inspect your vehicle for safety, performance, efficiency and economy. This multi-point inspection is like giving your car a physical examination at the doctor’s office. It can tell us lots of things about your vehicle’s condition and your driving habits. Like how hard you brake, how fast you accelerate, how far you go and other important stuff to know that can help us keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. We call it Eco-tuning, and it produces Smiles per Mile.

So what is Eco-tuning?

We service your car with advanced products and superior technology to get the most out of every drop or trickle of energy. Eco-friendly products make it gentler on the environment, more efficient on your wallet, and more enjoyable for you. We have all the technology and equipment to make cars faster and meaner, but eco-tuning isn’t about smoking the tires and racing from stoplights. It’s about better fuel economy, enhanced performance and a reduced carbon footprint.

But I love going fast and hate the whole idea of doing good.

You, my friend, are in luck. Because there is a dirty little secret to all this green driving “do-gooder” stuff. The very same things that save you money also increase your car’s performance, so on those days when you want to indulge yourself, your vehicle can handle it. All these little goody-goody tweaks we make can actually add to your car's performance. And give it some serious horsepower. But the bottom line is, a little investment in your vehicle can save you a bunch of money down the road. And there’s nothing faster than cash.

Cars and the Planet coexisting harmoniously. How is that even possible?

Okay. We admit, Green Auto Services sounds oxymoronic. After all, we are a car repair shop. How can a place that services cars also service the environment? It seems a little insane. But the way we look at it, we all need cars. So we need to find a way to keep them running happily, harmoniously and environmentally respectful... and that's what we're all about.

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